About the Journal

RBAOS discusses behavioral aspect studies in organizations and society. RBAOS particularly wishes to attract innovative work which analyses behavioral aspect to advance theory development in social science,  including business, management, psychology, and politics. We welcome articles using diverse methodologies and theoretical developments from across the social sciences. Although many topics from different research streams can be submitted, the implication to the behavioral aspect is the center of attention.

ISSN: 2656-0054 (printed) 2656-2693 (online)


Social Science & Business Research Network

Article Processing and Submission Charges

Articles submitted to "Review of Behavioral Aspect in Organizations and Society" do not have any 'Article Processing Charges' and 'Article Submission Charges'. This includes submitting, peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full-text versions of the articles. RBAOS is fully funded by the Social Science & Business Research Network (SSBRN).

Focus and Scope

Topics Covered:

  • Business and Organizational Issues,
  • Behavioral Accounting and Finance,
  • Behavioral Aspect in Organizations and Society,
  • Management and Organization,
  • Ethics, Fraud and Corruption,
  • Psychological Aspect in Organizations,
  • Public Sector Studies,
  • Law Enforcement,
  • Consumer behavior,
  • Psychology, law, and politics in organizations and society.

Peer Review Policy

The article that will be published in RBAOS carried out through "peer review" by considering two main aspects, namely: relevance and contribution of articles on the business and finance issues that build a bridge between behavioral aspect and organizations or society. Editors and reviewers provide constructive feedback on the evaluation results to the author.

Each submitted manuscript will go through a peer-review process with the following stages:

  1. Editor performs a technical and administrative assessment of the submitted manuscript.
  2. Editor continues the manuscripts that passed the technical and administrative assessment for the blind review process. Manuscripts that do not pass technical and administrative judgments will be returned to the author with notes from editors (rejected or revision required).
  3. Reviewers review the script and make recommendations.
  4. Editor submits the results of the assessment and recommendation to the author along with the deadline for revision.
  5. Editor will send a ready-to-publish copy to the author before it is issued for approval and can not be withdrawn.
  6. Before articles published, the editor sends the article to the copyediting section.

Publication Frequency

RBAOS published online twice a year in April &October.

Open Access Policy

"Review of Behavioral Aspect in Organizations and Society"provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public to supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publication Ethics

To maintain independence, the chief editor also does not publish his article in the journal.

Plagiarism Check

The editors will run a plagiarism check using Turnitin for each submitted manuscripts before sending it to reviewers. If a manuscript has a high level of similarity based on the result of the Turnitin check, the article will be rejected.

Journal Licensing

Creative Commons License

"Review of Behavioral Aspect in Organizations and Society" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.